More Deadly Foes For Batman From Knight Models

December 5, 2013 by brennon

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Knight Models are keeping Batman busy with some additional bad guys. They aren't just messing around with a few hired goons either this time, it actually looks like this might be a challenge!


Penguin's Titan Thug

As you can see they are showing off the Titan Thug and Clayface, too very brawny enemies that could give Batman a run for his money. I don't think they are going to listen to reason somehow.

They are actually very nice sculpts as well, although I didn't expect less from Knight Models. This line has gone from strength to strength and thankfully they have also kept the rules evolving too!

Batman Miniatures Game Rulebook Download

You can now get your hands on the updated free rulebook by following the link HERE. I've seen a few people actually picking up and playing the game at my local club and it does seem like a lot of fun. Might be worth proxying some models and having a go.

Silk Spectre

As well as the folks from Batman they have also finished Silk Spectre and she is available for you to pick up. Maybe you can do a bit of cross-world hijinks and have The Watchmen working with, or indeed against, Batman in Gotham City?

Will you be picking these up?

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