Exclusive Look At The Joker Titan For Knight Models Batman!

February 13, 2015 by brennon

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We're not finished when it comes to the exclusives for tonight. Knight Models are closing in on the pre-orders for their Batman Miniatures Game Rulebooks (both Joker & Batman style) and they've shown us an EPIC looking sculpt coming soon. See what you think of the Joker Titan!!!

Joker Titan

As you can see he might have grown a bit in terms of his power. This is him under the influence of the Titan formula from the video games where he certainly goes from a behind the scenes villain into a full on wrecking house. I imagine his skills on the battlefield will reflect this too.

Titan Joker #1

Titan Joker #2

Titan Joker #3

As you can see they have done really well to match the miniature up to the artwork and digital designs from the game. It would be pretty cool to see a diorama done in a similar style to the final picture above where he is clasping Batman between his talons ready to deliver the final blow. Get on it hobbyists!

Will you be picking up this insane looking Joker?

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