The Gotham Girls Arrive to Take Down Batman’s City

September 20, 2013 by dracs

Knight Models have just released a whole load of new miniatures for their Batman Arkham City Miniatures Game, including two of the Dark Knight's most seductive opponents.

Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn

Harley and Poison Ivy have teamed up a number of times to take on the Bat, both in the comics and in the 90's animated series. It is great to see the characters done justice with their miniatures. Ivy's is particularly impressive, reminding me of depictions of deadly sirens.

Of course these two aren't the only new pieces Knight Models have up their sleeves. Check out this lot, including the new Batpod.

Joker's Crew III


Penguin's Thugs III

All of Knight Models' Batman minis are great, evoking the trademark gritty style of the Arkham video games and realising our favourite comic characters on the tabletop. These new pieces are sure to adorn the collections of both gamers and Batfans alike.

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