Gotham’s Penguin Begins Causing Mischief In Knight Models’ Batman

March 19, 2015 by brennon

It looks like Knight Models really do have access to every facet of the Batman franchise as they're going to be adding the Penguin, in his Gotham guise, to the selection of models you can choose from for the Batman Miniatures Game...

Gotham Penguin

This new version of the bird-like villain is from the show that has been garnering a crowd slowly but surely. I've not watched it myself but apparently it's getting better and better and the Penguin is one of the best characters in it. Sculpt wise it's very characterful and looks incredibly close to the real actor I have to say.

With the Penguin coming out that surely means we're going to see more of the younger characters making an appearance? Also, if you can do all of the facets of the Batman franchise please do the 90's cartoon Batman!

What do you think of this version of the Penguin and have you watched Gotham?

Let us know!

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