Green Lantern Joins The Justice League From Knight Models

February 2, 2017 by brennon

Knight Models builds on both its Batman Miniatures Game and DC Universe collection with a host of new heroes and villains. Kicking things off we're looking to the Green Lantern...

Green Lantern

While a fair few people might only know of him from the Ryan Reynolds film he actually is a rather epic superhero. Any hero needs a villain to battle and that's where Sinestro comes in as his opposite on the tabletop.


Both of the models look fantastic, floating above the tabletop's surface. I particularly like the expression they've got on Sinestro's face; it certainly gives you an insight into his nefarious schemes.

A Rogues Gallery

Dipping back into the world of Batman we have some additional characters for the caped crusader to deal with starting with Electrocutioner.


I'm not overly a fan of this model, it's something about the way all the details seem to have blended together on the top half of the model. It might be more to do with the paint scheme however but it doesn't quite click like some of the other villains have.

Speaking of villains that don't quite click with me, we have Emperor Penguin.

Emperor Penguin

Now villains and heroes in DC have some silly names (as do those in Marvel) but this one doesn't exactly inspire fear. Emperor Blackgate, his other name, seems decidedly more exciting and dangerous. He does actually seem like an awesome character once you dive into his backstory but that name doesn't help!

Last but not least we have some more thugs for Harley Quinn's gang.

Harley Quinn's Thug Set II

Thugs Set II gives you a big bruiser with a fire axe, always fun, and a fellow who might as well be his minder. I like the more down and dirty look of these Thugs for Harley Quinn's retinue based on their appearance from the video games.

What will you be picking up from Knight Models?

"Emperor Blackgate, his other name, seems decidedly more exciting and dangerous..."

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