Inside The Batman Miniatures Game Rulebook!

January 8, 2015 by brennon

If you're interested in the look of The Batman Miniatures Game from Knight Models then we've got some awesome looking previews of the main rulebook to show you as well as some more news on the price of the rulebook and the editions you'll be getting too!

Batman Rulebook

Batman Rulebook Joker Edition

Above are the two versions of the book that you can get your hands on right now. The first is the standard Batman Edition that while still pretty standard comes with all the neat stuff AND a rather awesome Alfred miniatures to go with it.

On the flip side you can get yourself a psychopathic looking Joker Edition of the rulebook with an alternative cover and a different exclusive miniature in the form of the Red Hood (Joker) looking very snappy indeed. The Red Hood is an interesting tweak on The Joker legend and reading about it is quite a lot of fun.

Page Preview #1

Page Preview #2

Page Preview #3

Page Preview #4

Page Preview #5

...and now for all the page previews! There's a lot of awesome work going into the book from the folks at Knight Models and they really have taken some care with making sure things look simple but stylish. It looks like a rulebook I'd love to read. I'm a big fan of not only the full colour art but the use of their miniatures line and some awesome set-ups with nice scenery.

Page Preview #6

Page Preview #7

Page Preview #8

Page Preview #9

Page Preview #10

It's pretty certain that the guys over there have managed to pick up a whole bunch of great access to the world of Batman so we could see plenty more characters coming our way from not only the well known Batman Legendarium but also the more obscure stuff too. There's even plenty of room for other DC crossovers too out there I reckon.

I've had a few friends play the original Batman game and they all like it despite some of the initial problems they found with the translations. With that not being a problem I could see this being a big favourite with people who like skirmish level games set in the world of the Dark Knight. That's certainly a good point - the game right now feels VERY Batman which is awesome.

Will you be pre-ordering for The Joker or Batman?

"Gotham City: dark and dangerous, a crime-riddled urban landscape, a nightmare made of stone and steel"

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"In the Batman Miniatures Game, all characters have 360 arc of vision, meaning that they can see all around regardless of which way the model is facing, unless otherwise specified"

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