The Joker Leads New Releases For Knight Models Batman Miniatures Game

October 31, 2015 by brennon

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Knight Models have a range of new miniatures now available for November for The Batman Miniatures Game. The Joker leads the way based on his likeness from The Killing Joke...

Laughter & Villainy

The Joker is here as you can see. I think he fits in well with the aesthetic we're seeing from the rest of the range and it will be interesting to see if Knight do a Suicide Squad film version of him too.

Joker 35mm

Following on from him we have Spice and some of Two-Facer's Thugs all ready to smash things up on the streets of Gotham. She looks like she's a rather angry woman and I wouldn't want to cross her on the tabletop.

Spice & Two Face Thugs

As well as the character models they have also added two new sets of foot soldiers for your villainous gangs. You can also now pick up the Gatling Brute and the Militia Set containing some heavy weapon choices.

Gatling Brute

Militia Set I

I think the Gatling Brute, as much as I like Joker, is the best model of the bunch. He works for Harley Quinn I think considering his get-up.

Arkham Legends

In addition to the new models they have also now released the Arkham Asylum kit and Batmobile onto their webstore too. Both of these are going to be a must have for anyone putting together a Batman tabletop.

Arkham Asylum


The Batmobile, as we noted earlier in the week, is a perfect looking vehicle well worth picking up to fit into your games. I could see it trundling around the tabletop blasting away enemies with its rubber bullets and electrified exterior.

What do you make of their new collection?

" will be interesting to see if Knight do a Suicide Squad film version of him too"

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