Knight Models Bow to the Master of Magnetism

May 9, 2014 by dracs

It seems to be the villains' time to shine at Knight Models with rogues from both DC and Marvel getting released, starting with the mutant Master of Magnetism himself, Magneto.


This model of Magneto brilliantly portrays captures the iconic comic book villain, combining his arrogance and power in one superb sculpt.

Meanwhile, in the DC universe, two more of Batman's iconic villains are ready to take on the Dark Knight in the Batman Miniatures Game.

First we have Solomon Grundy, the zombie born on a Monday.

Solomon Grundy

This muscled undead monster started off as a Green Lantern villain, but has since become one of Batman's most dangerous foes.

He is backed up by the wielder of fear, the Scarecrow.


This model shows the Scarecrow as he shows up at the end of Batman Begins, with tear gas dispensers and flapping straight jacket. Knight Models have already got a miniature of the Arkham Asylum version of Scarecrow, which I personally prefer. Still, this is a nice alternative that should be good for any fan of the Nolan movies.

Finally, we come to the one hero Knight Models have released to face all of these: Nite Owl.

Nite Owl

Created as an exploration of the Blue Beetle and Batman style characters, Nite Owl is an integral part of the Watchmen, bringing in his gadgets and technical know how, as well as his rather naive idealism.

Do you choose to be a hero or a villain?

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