Knight Models Bring Together The Batman Vs Superman Trilogy Heroes

November 11, 2016 by brennon

Knight Models has now released a whole host of releases for their DC Universe Game starting with the Batman Vs Superman Trinity.

Wonder Woman, Superman & Batman

As you might have worked out by the name this focuses on the versions of each character from the latest film. Wonderwoman, Superman and Batman are all looking rather neat.

Superman in particular actually looks very in tune with the design from Birthright.

Villains Aplenty

Following on from them we have Captain Cold and Heatwave leading the way for a whole bunch of bad guys.

Captain Cold


Sticking with a theme of extreme temperatures we also have Mr Freeze and his gang. I'm sure it will be 'ice' to see them hit the tabletop soon.

Mr Freeze

Bird & Mercenaries also join the fighting as Bane's right hand man get stuck into the fighting as well. This might mean Batman needs some reinforcements.

Bird & Mercenaries

Last but not least we have Rick Flag who you might recognise from Suicide Squad.

Rick Flag

I'm not convinced by the likeness but it's another neat character to add to the mix when it comes to deciding on who makes it into your Suicide Squad team.

What do you think of the new releases and will it spur you on to delve into more from the DC Universe?

Let us know below!

"Superman in particular actually looks very in tune with the design from Birthright..."

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