Are Knight Models Bringing a Rulebook for the Dark Knight?

November 21, 2013 by dracs

Over on the forums for the Batman Miniatures Game the guys of Knight Models have put out some images which have fans of the World's Greatest Detective intrigued.

Batman Miniatures Game

Hmm, could this be the cover of a new Batman Miniature Game Rulebook? The rest of the pictures certainly seem to suggest it.

Configuring Your Band

However, it is this third picture which has me most excited as in it we get our first glimpse of the miniature for Clayface!

Playing Sequence

Clayface is one of Batman's toughest enemies, able to transform his body into any shape, perfectly mimic anyone and is practically impervious to damage. It will be cool to see how this malleable villain shapes up in the game.

Have you played this game from Knight Models? Which crew do you take to the streets with?

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