Knight Models Develop a Dual Identity

October 24, 2013 by dracs

While Knight Models have been hard at work on their new Watchmen minis, the Dark Knight's very own tabletop game is also getting a new release. This time it is one of Batman's most tragic and vicious opponents; the bifurcated criminal known as Two Face.

Two Face Crew

In the video game Arkham City Two Face is the first villain Batman faces (as the Batman, not Bruce Wayne). Controlling a section of the walled off inner city from the old court house, Two Face is looking to take over Arkham City and he won't let any cat, bat or penguin stand in his way.

Knight Models have kept the characteristic design of Two Face's crew from the games, with their split uniforms and masks making their allegiance instantly obvious. The sculpt for Two Face himself is particularly nice, wielding the machine gun in one hand, which if you played the Catwoman sections you learned to fear, and his famous coin in the other.

Will you choose to side with Two Face in the battle for Arkham, or do you think you'll flip a coin and see?

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