Knight Models Exclusives! Swamp Thing & New Terrain!

January 17, 2015 by brennon

Knight Models keep us updated with some more exclusives for you to enjoy for the Batman Miniatures Game. This time around they're showing off the awesome looking Swamp Thing who will be stomping around the Batman Miniatures Game AND some new scenery in the form of the Arkham City Warning Signs...

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing is looking awesome and is quite the hulking presence. It would be cool to see him lined up against some other DC characters to see how he stacks up. The paint job is also amazing as well and really brings the miniature to life. It was probably very tempting to just paint it green and be done!

Arkham City Warning Signs

As well as the new character coming your way Knight Models have also done some more work with MDF and put together these Warning Signs from Arkham City that would work as awesome cover and mean those roads aren't so open to shooting. Plenty of room to sneak around and take down your foes as either the bad or good buys.

Will you be picking up Swamp Thing?

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