Knight Models Give A Closer Look At Joker’s New Look

August 30, 2017 by dracs

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Knight Models are giving us a closer look at the new minis they are preparing for Joker's crew in Batman 2nd Ed, starting with the Clown Prince of Crime himself.


Joker Stat Card

The Joker is one of the most iconic, if not THE most iconic, comic book villains and I think this sculpt has his sinister character perfectly.

I also really like the coloured plastics Knight are going with.

Joker Mini

The Joker is incredibly charismatic, and can always get people to follow him, suicidal though that might sound. Such a figure makes up Knight's second preview.


Bouffon Stat Card

Bouffon Stat Card Miniature

This guy looks like just the kind of chaotic criminal Joker might let into his crew. It's a very good model, with almost as much character as that of the Clown Prince.

Are you excited to see the new minis for this 2nd edition?

"One of the most iconic, if not THE most iconic, comic book villains..."

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