Knight Models Hint At New DC Heroes & Villains Coming Soon

October 28, 2016 by brennon

Knight Models have included a bunch of previews in their Suicide Squad book, looking ahead to new models for their Batman Miniatures Game or as they've described it, the DC Universe Game. For example leading the way we have Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman!

Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman

They're all based on their look from the Batman Vs Superman movie and we have to say as much as the film tanked the actual design of the characters looked great. Superman in particular, is looking very cool.

As well as them a few more sneak peeks popped up showing what we assume is Gorilla Grodd...

Gorilla Grodd

...and another hero/villain that we can't place. If you know who she is drop your thoughts in the comments below...

Thanks to citygary for pointing out that she's Raven!


A number of different Goons also appear to be on the way too for The Joker and more.


...and these fellows, Captain Cold and Heatwave.

Extra Goons

A few more images also hit the internet but they're so small it's hard to make them out! Either way, the future looks bright for those who enjoy the DC Universe on the tabletop.

Thanks To Tabletop Skirmisher

What do you think?

"...leading the way we have Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman!"

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