Knight Models Welcome You to the Mad House!

July 15, 2014 by dracs

Batman is in for a hard time as things are getting a little crazy at Knight Models as a bunch of new villains get released onto the streets of Gotham.

First there is the deadly mercenary Deathstroke.


Deathstroke Head Options

Knight Models previously teased the release of Deathstroke and the miniature they are showing off is a perfect sculpt his appearance in Arkham Origins. It's good to see that they included an alternative head, as both his mask and unmasked versions have a ton of character.

Of course, life is never simple for the Caped Crusader as the Joker is hiring some new elite clowns for his crew.

Jokers Elite Clowns

Jokers Elite Clown

Jokers Elite Clown

These two new thugs bring some more versatility to the carnage that Joker's crew can cause, whether you want to smack them with a hammer or just slice them up. Both of the models have a ton of individual character, as you would expect from the colourful characters that make up Joker's gang, and still manage to look like a threat even Batman would have to worry about facing.

Then things get really crazy as Victor Zsasz shows up, accompanied by the lunatics of Arkham.

Zsasz and Lunatics


Victor Zsasz is possibly one of the most disturbing villains of Batman's rogues gallery. He has no special powers, no tragic transformation. He is just a psychotic killer, devoted only to 'liberating' people from life and adding Batman to the collection of tally marks carved into his skin.

Accompanying Zsasz are the lunatics from Arkham Asylum, the most deranged and dangerous inmates of that infamous madhouse.

Pavilion A Subject

Pavilion B Subject

Insane Asylum Inmate

These gibbering madmen show up in the first Arkham Asylum game and are without doubt one of the creepiest elements of an already dark and disturbing game. Knight Models have brought the game's designs to the tabletop and are all excellent sculpts in their own right.

With all these villains and killers running around it's goo to know that Knight Models have a new hero as well. Shame that the Black Widow is from Marvel though.

Black Widow

She may not be able to help out Batman, but there can be no denying that Knight Models have done a fantastic job on sculpting this latest Avenger.

Which of these latest Knight Models minis do you think is best?

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