The League of Shadows Answers Knight Model’s Summons

June 14, 2013 by dracs

A while a go Ra's Al Neeson stepped out of the shadows of Knights Models. Finally he is joined by his legendary servants, the ninja assassins of the League of Shadows.

League of Shadows

They're modern day ninjas, you just can't get much cooler than that. The models show a nice array of flashy combat stances and accompanied by the suave Ra's al Ghul model this faction is dripping with style.

One of the best things about the League of Shadows is that they will be the complete antithesis to many of the other factions in Arkham City. They are highly trained ninjas, using ancient weaponry and martial arts, while the other gang members are more usually thugs, more likely to use guns like these two new additions to Penguin's gang.

Penguin Thugs

Don't worry citizens of Gotham for one man has risen to stand against the shadows. The Dark Knight Returns, though now he's definitely getting on a bit.

Batman the Dark Knight Returns

This model is of course based upon the design of Batman in Frank Miller's classic comic The Dark Knight Returns, which focuses on the world's greatest detective donning the cape and cowl once more at the age of 55.

It is really cool that Knight Models are providing players with these different versions of the Batman. The Caped Crusader is such an iconic character that everyone has their ideal image and interpretation of him, so allowing us to pick from his different incarnations is a good move. Whether or not they each have different rules I don't know.

Will you join Ra's al Ghul in his plans to save the world from ecological destruction, or stand against him as the geriatric Dark Knight?

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