Meet Knight Models’ Boy Wonder Taking On Gotham!

March 6, 2013 by brennon

Knight Models are continuing the DC fun with a trio of new releases on their website. One in particular is a perfect partner for the Dark Knight. Check out Robin, ready for a scrap, below...


Once again he is modeled after his appearance in Arkham City and gone are the green hot pants (yay!). I do like this miniature and it gives a new life to one of the most joked about sidekicks in comics.

Green Arrow


As well as Robin they also added Green Arrow and Deathstroke (they list him as Deadstroke on the site) to their list of models for DC Comics. Now, these wouldn't have been that interesting as just sculptures but the little tag in the corner saying 'Miniature Game' does make me a little giddy!

Could we be seeing a lot more heroes from the DC universe coming to aid Batman in Gotham?

Is Superman going to be a little overpowered?

Only time will tell!

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