Take A Peek Inside The Batman Miniatures Game Rulebook!

December 2, 2014 by brennon

Knight Models have been kind enough to send us a few snippets from inside the Batman Miniatures Game Rulebook that is coming out very soon! See what you think of these few pages which give you an insight into the game, how it plays and of course shows off the excellent work they've been doing on translations...

Preview #1

Preview #2

As well as some awesome layouts one of the things that really gives me hope for the game is the amount of illustrations they've added into the rulebook alongside computer generated images from the Batman video games AND painted miniatures in play. Nothing worse than looking through a rulebook and not having something to get inspired by!

Preview #3

Preview #4

Preview #5

The rulebook looks clear and concise where it needs to be with not too many big walls of text. Always good when you're flicking through the book to find a particular rule or clarification. The eagle eyed amongst you might be able to spy some interesting information from these pages too so if anything catches your eye drop it into the comments below.

It's going to be really interesting giving this game a go and here at Beasts of War we've been coming up with a plethora of ideas going forward. I wonder what each of the team members would want to have as their gang?

For me it would have to either be Gotham PD or The Jokers crew of miscreants!

What do you think of the book so far?

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