Supergirl Leads A Cast Of New DC Heroes & Villains From Knight Models

March 10, 2017 by brennon

Knight Models has announced their selection of releases for this month. We're starting off with the additions to the DC Universe Game with Supergirl making an appearance alongside Aquaman.


Supergirl does look rather awesome in her classic outfit here. The less said about the TV show the better I feel, but it's neat to see this other 'Super' being added to the collection to fight along the other heroes. I'm not sure on the rock being held aloft above her head; maybe it should have just been a clenched fist?

Aquaman does look rather epic, despite his rather tarnished reputation in popular culture. A proper lord under the sea.


I like that they've given him a look to suggest he's underwater, floating there ready to engage his foes. He's certainly come a long way in many people's estimates although he has always been a very powerful superhero.

Arkham Knight Campaign

The Arkham Knight Campaign was also announced in full today allowing you to take on the final chapter of the video game series with the Arkham Knight himself.

Arkham Knight Campaign

This somewhat spoils the reveal of who he is (if you haven't played the games and/or read much of the comics) but the model does look superb. As well as him though we have some other heroes making it onto the streets of Gotham with Nightwing...


...and the ever changeable Catwoman.


While Nightwing only has rules for use in the Batman Miniatures Game it looks like Catwoman will cross between both systems. She looks more like the Phantom than Catwoman in that particular outfit but it's certainly a great looking sculpt and pose.

When it comes to bad guys you do have the unmistakably evil Penguin and his new gang.

Penguin & Street Demonz

I wouldn't want to run into them on the streets of Gotham now they've been taken over by criminal scum. Leading them we also have another miniature to fight for Cobblepot, his Penguin Lieutenant.

Penguin Lieutenant

This is all shaping up to be a great set of releases for lovers of the Batman universe and DC in general. It is still a real shame that we're not going to see more from the Marvel side of things as imagine how cool Hulk Vs Thor would have been if they'd done the gladiatorial outfits from the upcoming Ragnarok movie?

What do you think of the newest releases?

" looks like Catwoman will cross between both systems"

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