More Villains Take To The Streets Of Gotham With Knight Models

February 8, 2013 by brennon

Knight Models have a whole host of new villains and henchmen for the world of Batman this month. Check out loads of new psychopathic personalities and the lackeys that follow in their wake...

Dark Knight Rises Bane

Mr Freeze

Talia Al Ghul


Once again you see enemies inspired by the Arkham City game alongside a version of Bane from the Dark Knight Rises. All of these look like superb sculpts and should be fun leaders of a nefarious and thuggish warband.

Two particular favourites from this selection are Talia Al Ghul and Mr Freeze. Both look very cool.

Joker's Clowns

Penguin's Thugs

Making up the motley crew that follows in the wake of destruction caused by those villains are these thugs. The Joker's Thugs are fantastic and I love the one using the axe. Anyone who is afraid of clowns should probably avoid running into the Joker!

Which models are catching your eye here?

Let me know below.

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