New Adeptus Custodes Foam Available From Battle Foam

February 8, 2018 by brennon

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Battle Foam has added new Adeptus Custodes styled foam to their webstore over in the US, with it coming to the UK soon.

Adeptus Custodes Foam Trays & Kits - Battle Foam

They have created foam inserts for all manner of new releases including the Vertus Jetbikes and the infantry that has been supporting them too. You can actually get your hands on the whole lot with one of the Foam Kit options on their webstore.

Altered Battle Foam Adeptus Custodes

...and beyond that, you can just leap into their New Releases section and you'll be able to find the singular pieces too if you'd rather get them individually to fit in with what you already have.

Jetbike Foam - Battle Foam

I thought it was very good of them to include foam which can actually accommodate the flying stands that you have to carry around with these models. With kits like these as well you're always running the risk of a broken lance or wing so the foam might be the safer option.

Adeptus Custodes Troop Foam - Battle Foam

The trays for the troops is a little more 'open plan' so that you can fit in your troops, and also play around with the posing and such as well if you like. Some rather spiffing foam all things considered for the new force.

What do you think of the new foam inserts?

"They have created foam inserts for all manner of new releases..."

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