Battle Foam Are Back with Many Ways to Keep Your Minis Safe

April 20, 2012 by brennon

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With many gaming shows coming up over the next few months and plenty of tournaments over the summer you might just need something to be carting all your miniatures around in. Check out some of the latest kit from Battle Foam for keeping you're forces safe...until they get onto the table top that is.

P.A.C.K 432

First up is the simple but effective P.A.C.K 432. Great for travelling with a small army be it on the train, plane or auto-mobile. Plenty of room for an adequate force and all your additions like dice and such.

Stacker Rack

Next up is the sleek looking Stacker Rack. When you have a lot of models lying around they tend to get broken, but with this you can store all your foam and models safely without fear of snapping off that standard bearers flag, or knocking a miniature into your painting water (yeah I really did that...)

Stacker Box #1

Stacker Box #2

And if you're looking for additional storage then check out the Battle Foam Stacker Boxes. Another elegant solution to storing your foam out of sight and out of mind. On top of that they could be pretty nifty for storing your scenery pieces too. Plenty of room for all those big Games Workshop pieces.

Privateer Press Bag #1

Privateer Press Bag #2

And if you're looking for something with serious transporting potential check out the Privateer Press set complete with wheels and stacked bags. Perfect for the Warcaster on the move with a grudge to settle. Can fit plenty of miniatures in there and keep them safe to boot.

Battle Foam at Salute and Adepticon

And of course Battle Foam are going to be at both Adepticon AND Salute 2012. Plenty of deals will be available from the show including spending sprees, discounts and more.

Does any of this Battle Foam swag take your fancy?

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