Battle Foam Protect Your Conan Collection With New Foam Inserts

November 25, 2016 by brennon

Battle Foam has put together two different sets of inserts for those of you who have Conan in your collection now. There's a set of foam inserts for both the Core Box and the King Pledge that Kickstarter backers could get their hands on.

Conan Core Tray #1

As you can see they have managed to come up with a way of putting the tokens, cards, dice, tiles and miniatures into individual parts of the foam meaning that you're not ending up with everything all over the place!

Conan Core Tray #2

While it might still seem daunting the actual box then sits over the top of the contents lifting only around an inch above where it would normally be. It's still quite a snug fit.

When it comes to the King Pledge things still fit quite nicely into the box!

Conan King Tray #1

Due to the insane amount of models as part of this box you would expect them to overflow a bit.

Conan King Tray #2

Sitting the player sheets to the side of the box and the bags of tokens in different places you can actually maximise the space within the box quite well.

Will you be picking these up to help your Conan storage woes?

"When it comes to the King Pledge things still fit quite nicely into the box!"

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