Red Vs Blue Continues With Battle Foam 720 P.A.C.Ks

February 19, 2014 by brennon

Over on the Battle Foam UK store you can pre-order yourself two variants of the 720 P.A.C.K in both Red and Blue. See what you think of these variants below which are simply a new version of the reliable kit.

Blue 720 P.A.C.K

Red 720 P.A.C.K

These bags can hold at least 720 models, hence the name of the bag. It also has a pocket on the front for storing dice and templates and an inner pocket area just below the front flap for rulebooks.

720 P.A.C.K. Open

The packs also hold a mass of different trays for large, medium and smaller models and of course with the bag you'll be able to get your hands on some of that foam. Essentially you'll be able to fit the entire army inside one of these.

Transporting armies is quite the problem nowadays, and with a Dwarf army that is growing even more than before I do need some way of carting it around easily.

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