Battle Foam Release Foam For Your Big Star Wars: Legion Vehicles

March 26, 2018 by brennon

As well as the foam that already exists for Star Wars: Legion by Battle Foam (UK Store), they have also now added new foam on the US Store for your AT-STs, Airspeeders and Terrain features.

AT-ST Battle Foam

The first of these sets that we're looking at is for the AT-ST which is a mammoth miniature and quite hard to transport. So, it's a darn good idea to get some foam to protect this piece. Additionally, it also provides you space for storing your Speeder Bikes too.

Looking towards the Rebels, Battle Foam has created another duel use kit as well. This gives you space for your Airspeeder and also your AT-RT walkers for the Rebels too.

Airspeeder & AT-RT Battle Foam

Again, a neat storage solution and a great way to keep all of your vehicles in one place. It means you can expand your bag with some additional foam for your units and characters and always have these in a separate place.

As well as the foam for vehicles they've also designed some foam for the Terrain & Accessories that you get for Star Wars: Legion.

Terrain & Components Battle Foam

You can use this foam to keep all of your dice, upgrade cards, terrain pieces and tokens. It's not one of those essential purchases, but if you like the idea of keeping everything in one place then it does the job well.

What do you think of their new Foam sets?

"...if you like the idea of keeping everything in one place then it does the job well"

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