Travelling in Style with Battle Foam

February 9, 2012 by brennon

Check out this fantastic collection of new pieces for sale from Battle Foam, ranging from carry cases to display products all to make your models look that little bit better.

Throne of Everblight Foam Trays

First up is the Legion Tray above for the Throne of Everblight. Cut an deep enough for this massive model, keeping it safe on the road. But if your looking for more transport options then check out the new bag.

Privateer Press Battle Foam Bag

Great for getting your models from A to B without the painstaking job of gluing things back together when you reach the gaming table. Also check out these display options from Battle Foam.


But if your more into storage than transportation, then this tower will be for you.

Battle Foam Stacker System

So a lot of foam and a lot of options for the future of your model protection that's for sure.

Any of these new products catch your eye folks?

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