Wield Your Sword Bag From Battle Foam with Pride

July 20, 2012 by brennon

If you're looking for a budget bag for carrying miniatures around then you might not need to look further than the Sword Bag from Battle Foam. Check it out below...

Battle Foam - Sword Bag #1

Unlike most of the Battle Foam bags the Sword Bag does not have the hard plastic shell inside it, so will collapse when not filled with the trays. That certainly means it's easy to store when your not gaming. Also the standard bag does not come with foam inserts but you can specify if you would like some when you order. It also holds the foam trays from other gaming bags on the market, so you could transfer to your new Sword Bag without problems.

Battle Foam - Sword Bag with Foam Inserts

There are pockets on both sides for rulebooks and other gaming accessories. It's always nice to have somewhere to stuff your codex without it taking up room within the case itself, plus all those extra pockets look great for holding bags o' dice!

Battle Foam - Sword Bag #2

So a great bag for someone starting out in the hobby and looking for a hold-all way to keep their army and other kit together. I'm also loving the slate grey colour and that awesome logo.

Do you think you'll be picking up the Sword Bag?

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