Battle Systems Add A Mighty Fortress To Their Kickstarter!

September 19, 2014 by brennon

With just a few days left a mighty Fortress has been erected by the folks at Battle Systems over on Kickstarter and it looks awesome! See what you think of this beast of a creation...

Fortress #1

Fortress #2

Fortress #3

Fortress #4

Fortress #5

This is an incredibly versatile kit and allows you to make exterior and interior locations that would be perfect for skirmish gaming and of course role-playing. I want to set up something to do with Warhammer Skirmish in this, maybe a run down Vampires castle in the middle of Sylvania that needs ransacking!

What you see above is just from one Fortress set so that means if you bought two of them think about what you could do! The mind boggles!

What do you think of this creation?

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