Battle Systems Continue To Build On Their Urban Apocalypse

September 22, 2015 by brennon

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Battle Systems have a whole bunch of new stretch goals unlocked for their Urban Apocalypse Kickstarter. We've picked out some of the best below which add something new to the city blocks you'll be building...

Billboard Unlock

I like this one as it adds in a splash of colour to the destroyed world that Battle Systems is creating. The Billboard looks great and I could see it being a bit of a focal point for objectives or a perfect roost for a sniper.

Police Precinct Unlock

Additionally they have also created a set of terrain that would be perfect for a Police Station. If you wanted to raid somewhere for weapons or rescue a trapped survivor within the cells (with questionable methods) then that would be great.

You certainly need to have something stowed away in the toilets too.

Shelving & Desks

Talking of stowing things away they also have some more furniture that would be good for cluttering up an office. I think it would be great to pile all of this across a room and have your characters take checks against their statistics to shove them aside or pile them up to stop zombies.

What do you think?

"You certainly need to have something stowed away in the toilets too..."

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