Battle Systems Dungeon Funded & Hitting Stretch Goals!

August 25, 2014 by brennon

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Battle Systems have smashed through their initial funding goal on Kickstarter - it only took thirteen minutes! - and they are now marching through stretch goals too. See what you think of the extras...

Dungeon Extras #1

Dungeon Extras #2

Dungeon Extras #3

Dungeon Extras #4

So the stretch goals so far have been used to add some more free additions to the basic Dungeon pledge for the campaign giving you a lot more different options that aid your customising of the dungeon-scape. Such a big fan of things like those little treasure chests and bookcases that add so much to the lived in feel of a dungeon.

Mines of Minerva

Coming at $75k you can expect to be delving a bit deeper with some mine based scenery from the Mine of Minerva. The first thought was to grab some of this kit, use it with some cool Dwarven styled scenery and then make the inside of Erebor or Moria for fighting goblins in Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit!

Some really cool looking kit Battle Systems!

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