The Battle Systems Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter Begins!

August 22, 2014 by brennon

The Battle Systems Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter has begun and it's already doing very well even after only being up for a few minutes! See what you think of this wonderful tabletop terrain!

Dungeon Pledge

Above is the basic pledge which comes without add-ons and it's all very cool looking. I love the design and the artwork that's gone into the set is beyond awesome. You really can get right down into the nooks and crannies and everything tells a story...

Dungeon Room

Dungeon Passageway

Dungeon Bridge

You can make all manner of awesome looking scenes with this kit and I'm sure the collection of stretch goals are going to be great too. After the success and delivery of the last Kickstarter it looks like these guys have everything set and can deliver too.

With so many dungeon crawlers out there this could be very good for Dungeon Saga, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and even skirmish games like Malifaux and Mordheim.

Will you be pledging?

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