Battle Systems Introduce Their New Fantasy Game, Maladum!

April 14, 2022 by brennon

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Battle Systems has been turning their attention to something pretty awesome! As you'll know, Core Space is a game that we have enjoyed immensely and so it's neat to see their team diving into a new game in a new genre. Maladum: Dungeons of Enveron is a new dungeon-crawling adventure game coming to Kickstarter soon.

Maladum Logo - Battle Systems

Maladum // Battle Systems

Maladum makes use of the Core Space system that a lot of people will be aware of. But, the designers have also made sure that the mechanics that sit behind Maladum have been tailored to the new genre of Fantasy. Sci-Fi is mostly about guns so it makes sense that things would get shaken up as you move into the realm of swords and sorcery!

Necro-Pit Battle - Maladum

Necro-Pit Battle // Maladum

The game will feature the same kind of in-depth adventures that you'd expect from the creators of Core Space. You will be diving into Fantasy dungeons and battling all sorts of enemies as your band of heroes. The idea is that Maladum slots nicely in between board games and skirmish/roleplaying games, offering the best of both worlds and opening up a well of creativity amongst those who dive in.

New Dungeon Terrain - Maladum

New Dungeon Terrain // Maladum

Loads and loads of things have been reworked and updated to make sure that Maladum's rules fit into the Fantasy genre and aren't just a carbon copy of the Core Space rules. We don't have space to list them all here but it is safe to say that if you head on over and check out the blog post HERE, you'll get everything that you need to know about Maladum.


Beren // Maladum

The main thing is that there are plenty of melee and ranged weapons for you to play around with, loaded up with different qualities. Fans of D&D and such will be happy to see that different weapons do different things. So, maces crush and pummel whilst swords slash and pierce.

There are also rules for getting stuck in with ranged weapons like blackpowder pistols and bows. Ammo is at a bit of a premium in Maladum though so you'll want to be careful about what you shoot and when.

Tavern - Maladum

Tavern Rest // Maladum

As well as swords and bows, you will also be able to plumb the depths of magic when it comes to Maladum. Magic is powerful but it also suffuses the air and can draw more deadly monsters toward you.

The foes you face will be found in the middle of campaigns. You'll do your dungeon delves before trying to escape from the loot. Characters will also be able to advance between campaign missions and head to the market to sell their ill-gotten goods. You'll also have to find a tavern to rest for the night! Rest can find your heroes being blessed and you might even be able to interact with other patrons in the pub to find out new clues towards future adventures.


Revenants // Maladum

There is a LOT for you to get stuck into and find out about Maladum already. We've barely scratched the surface of what Battle Systems are doing here so I would, once again, say that you go and check out their VERY in-depth blog post discussing the game.

You can also sign up for Battle Systems' Newsletter to get updates on when this will be arriving!

Are you eager to dive into Maladum?

"There is a LOT for you to get stuck into and find out about Maladum already..."

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