Battle Systems Prepare Their Sci-Fi Prototypes

July 17, 2013 by brennon

Battle Systems have some fantastic downloadable terrain but they are setting the stage for a Kickstarter very soon. As a tease of what's coming up check out some of the prototypes below...

Battle Systems Prototype Doorways

Battle Systems Prototype Multi-Layer Terrain

Battle Systems Prototype Interiors

They are looking to produce some top notch terrain that will just fit together without the need for glue. As you can tell it looks amazing at this stage and the ranges as a whole are perfect for creating nice looking terrain easily.

One of the big things is that they would be awesome for skirmish based games like the upcoming Deadzone and of course maybe a variant of Project Pandora? Maybe you could use it as a building complex for Infinity?

Look out for this Kickstarter soon.

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