Battle Systems Unlock Mines & Head To A Dimensional Gate!

August 28, 2014 by brennon

Battle Systems have unlocked the fabled delvings of the Mines of Minerva for their Fantasy Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter and they are now looking ahead to a mighty Dimensional Gate!

Mines of Minerva

The Mines of Minerva set comes with loads of cool additional bits that help you turn your dungeon into a forgotten mine instead. Some cool walkways make for three dimensional level-based play and lots more options if you're role-playing on this kind of terrain. You even get those awesome piles of gold!

Dimensional Gate

One of the future goals, after a whole bunch more set dressing from the mines, is this epic looking Dimensional Gate! If you wanted to bring the world of Stargate into your fantasy gaming then you couldn't go too far wrong with this. You could easily set up a cool encounter with this where you need to either shut the thing down or get it started so you can make a quick escape!

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