Five Days Left Of Battle Systems Kickstarter

November 26, 2013 by brennon

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Battle Systems has five days left on its awesome Sci-Fi Terrain Kickstarter and there are still some awesome bits and pieces that are being shown off. See what you think of some additional props for your gaming.

Console System

Reactor Cells

Reactor Cells Powered On

Above you can see some of the Reactor Cells that would be an awesome place to put an objective and of course also a dangerous place to hide behind. I reckon if you rolled a one when you were shot at over there they could explode in spectacular fashion.

As well as that at the top you can see a massive bank of awesome looking consoles. You have to hold the command centre against waves of oncoming enemies!

AvP With Battle Systems

Showing how awesome the terrain actually is they have had some fun with Alien Vs Predator! Add some mood lighting to your play-space and have someone making that 'dink, dink' sound in the background for a motion tracker and you're sorted!

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