New Infestations Riddle The Corridors Of Battle Systems Sci-Fi Kickstarter

November 16, 2016 by brennon

The Kickstarter from Battle Systems, building up their amazing Sci-Fi Terrain collection, is looking ahead to some awesome new Infestations which will add a neat twist to your terrain.


These new terrain pieces help to add a new level of awesomeness to this terrain. It stretches and winds its way across the walls and floors to give your facility the look of somewhere that has fallen to utter madness.


As you can see with some strange beasts added into the mix it looks like it will be a brilliant new touch, adding extra character to your games. I love that it's dripping down and covering the doors.



Now all you need to do is work out just what kind of monster you want to include within this facility.



The Battle Systems Kickstarter really has been going like the clappers and this is a nice bit of icing on the cake for backers getting stuck into the campaign.

With three days left of the campaign there's just enough time to get stuck in.

Has this alien goo tempted you?

"I love that it's dripping down and covering the doors..."

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