New Battle Systems Sci-Fi Terrain Now Available + A Sneaky Look Ahead

September 30, 2017 by brennon

Battle Systems has now made the terrain from their latest Sci-Fi Kickstarter available for you to snap up from their webstore. As well as breaking down into individual packs you can get three awesome looking bundles.

Galactic Set

Their bundles include the Galactic Set which you can see above which looks like it represents the heart of some large industrial city somewhere. But, you can also take a look at their Frontier Set here which gets a bit more down and dirty.

Frontier Set

There is also the Outpost Set which takes you to the outer rim of the galaxy where the law is a foreign concept.

Outlands Set

As mentioned above all of the terrain here comes in individual portions too meaning that you can mix and match as you see fit. When it comes to quick terrain that you can drop down onto the tabletop and build a world this stuff is pretty spot on. It looks fantastic and works with a range of different settings too.

A New Project?

It looks like the Battle Systems guys are now focusing their attention towards a new game which is set in the same universe as their terrain.

Battle Systems Game

Here's a quick note from them on what to expect...

"The game is set in the same universe as our Sci-fi II terrain and will be compatible with our previous terrain, especially Sci-fi II, so if you want to mix and match or expand on the game you can. The new terrain has a more run down cyberpunk feel ideal for rain washed streets on alien worlds or derelict hulks in deep space.

Set on the fringes of Human space your heroes will need to learn how to adapt and survive, allocate resources, plan campaigns and team up with other players when needed – being handy with a gun is only part of the game."

This fellow above is one of the Purge who are a selection of robots who want nothing more than to get rid of humanity! Beta testers are also wanted to try out the game right now, so if you want more information check out the blog HERE.

Will you be picking up some new Sci-Fi terrain?

"It looks like the Battle Systems guys are now focusing their attention towards a new game..."

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