Battle Systems Tease More Of Their Sci-Fi II Kickstarter Terrain

June 28, 2016 by brennon

Battle Systems are looking ahead towards their next Sci-Fi Terrain Kickstarter which is pencilled in for October. Now, we took a look at some of this during the UK Games Expo but they've also popped up some previews of it close-up...

Sci-Fi II #1

As you can see its got a nice grunge feel to it where it sits somewhere in-between their Post-Apocalyptic terrain and the pieces that they originally created with their first campaign. It's looking really good and you can see more of their images of this set on the link above.

Sci-Fi II #2

Sci-Fi II #3

Once again we have to hand it to the folks at Battle Systems as they always seem to do a good job with their terrain. The amount of scenarios and stories running through our heads when we see this terrain are spilling out of our ears!

What do you think?

"As you can see its got a nice grunge feel to it..."

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