The Americans Enter Flames Of War 4th Edition With The Fighting First

August 8, 2017 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures are bringing a new faction into World War II and the fight for North Africa with The Fighting First. It's time for the Americans to get stuck in...

Fighting First Book

The new book will feature all manner of fantastic rules for using the Americans in North Africa during 1942-43 against the Axis. While the Americans are bringing a whole bunch of armour to the desert sands but their troops are inexperienced. Leading the way we have the Patton's Fighting First box...

Patton's Fighting First

Inside this set, you're going to get ten plastic tanks for you to play around with a few variations of each. It's a good starting point for someone to get an American army on the tabletop.

The Force Breakdown

As well as the set that you see above they also have a few accessory kits which allow you to build beyond this and create a larger army with the likes of the Armoured Rifle Platoon. I'm happy to see more Infantry making its way into the world of Flames Of war once again.

Armoured Rifle Platoon

You also have some more sets to help build up the selection of tanks on offer to you with the M3 Lee Tank Platoon as you can see here. This is a strange looking tank which actually looks more like a Sci-Fi vehicle which is cool.

M3 Lee Tank Platoon

There will also be the likes of the M7 Priest Artillery Battery...

M7 Priest Artillery Battery

...and the T30 75mm Assault Gun Platform.

T30 75mm Assault Gun Platform

There is much more on the cards for you to snap up as well, building on the American army with some very nifty looking vehicles. While they might be inexperienced you should be able to take them to the next level over your games. Maybe you could even plan out a bit of a campaign?

All of these models are going to be released throughout September and October of this year so watch this space.

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"While the Americans are bringing a whole bunch of armour to the desert sands but their troops are inexperienced..."

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