Battlefront Previews Nachtjäger.

December 28, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Nachtjager Cover

While things are quite for this holiday break, I thought I would take a look around and see what might have been missed during this busy time of the year. An item that caught my eye is a new campaign book for Flames of War, Nachtjäger. This campaign book covers the continued combat of World War II from March to May 1945 in Northern Germany and across the Rhine.

Night Battle


This book covers the 51st (Highland) and 15th (Scottish) Divisions during Operation Plunder, and the 11th Armoured Division during the breakout.
There are also rules for night fighting, along with per the description:  the option to field a Marine-Grenadierkompanie, backed by imposing rail-mounted heavy FlaK guns,Panzerkampfgruppe Wallenberg, equipped with night-fighting Panther tanks and Jagdpanther tank-hunters, andPanzerkampfgruppe von Benningsen, armed with Panther and Panzer IV tanks.

Night Tanks


It is interesting to see how the war had progressed and the advancement of weapons and technology. It makes one wonder if Warren would now bring in his Nachtwulf?

Will you hunt in the night?

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