Into The Trenches with Battlefront’s Trenchline System.

August 31, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Battlefront is continuing their push for their new Great War game. This time you can add some trenches to your tabletop to simulate the harsh combat that took place during WWI.

Trenches Main

These are similar to their other Battlefield in a Box offerings in that it comes already painted and ready to play.

Trenches 1

They have also included some Gale Force Nine static grass in two colors. This will definitely add some dimension to your gaming table.

Trenches 2

I for one am seriously looking at this new era from Battlefront as it is turning out to be pretty spectacular. I think the pictures speak for themselves and there is always room for customization of the terrain to give it that personal touch.

Trenches 3

Will you be hitting the trenches?

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