Catalyst Give Us A Peek At BattleTech: Clan Invasion Set

July 15, 2019 by brennon

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Catalyst Game Labs is diving into a Kickstarter this week on July 17th which will be focused on bringing BattleTech: Clan Invasion to life. And, in a recent preview, they showed off some of what's coming in the core box.

BattleTech Clan Invasion Set - Catalyst Game Labs

So, included within the set you will get...

  • Five high-quality plastic miniatures – the reimagined ExecutionerTimber WolfNovaGrendel, and Adder OmniMechs;
  • Two dice, exactly like those in A Game of Armored Combat;
  • A 16-page Clan Primer, in the style of the BattleTech primer included with the recent box sets, but focused on the Clans;
  • A Clan Rulebook, expanding on the A Game of Armored Combat rulebook and introducing new rules for the Clans, their OmniMechs, and the high-powered weapons they wield;
  • A booklet of record sheets
  • A 24-page novella featuring an all-new story told from the Clan point-of-view;
  • Five pilot cards and five Alpha Strike cards, each double-sided;
  • A revised reference card, updated with the rules and stats for Clan units;
  • Two double-sided mapsheets featuring all-new battlefields;
  • One sheet of die-cut, punch out cardboard playing pieces representing each of the five OmniMechs in the box, along with terrain from the mapsheets.

This is looking like a nice way to get stuck into a bit of BattleTech, one of the oldest wargames on the market, with some new miniatures.

BattleTech Clan Invasion Mechs - Catalyst Game Labs

Alongside the existing Beginner Box and A Game of Armored Combat, this means that you've got a few more avenues into the game. I do really like the look of the mechs here which have that retro style but with a lot more detail worked into them. It means they're going to be fun to paint and look stylish as they're stomping across the battlefield.

Could you be tempted to dive into BattleTech with their new Kickstarter?

"I do really like the look of the mechs here which have that retro style but with a lot more detail worked into them..."

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