Baueda Wargames Raise An Army For 15mm Dark Age Ireland

September 2, 2013 by brennon

Baueda Wargames are raising an army in the 15mm past of the Dark Ages. Ireland is their target and IndieGoGo is their platform for funding. See what you think of the warband below.

Baueda 15mm Norse Irish

Irish Command

Irish Noble Warriors

As you can see you get a nice mix of soldiers for use in your Dark Age games. This starts off with basic kerns and other skirmish units up to Nobles, Command figures and other legendary heroes if they get the funding for it.

They also have miniatures for Vikings, Normans, Bretons, Saxons and much more. All of these figures can be used, I am reliably informed, with the De Bellis Antiquitatis rules.

These models actually look very nice indeed and I think it would be great to see a proper battle played out with these figures.

What do you think?

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