The Algoryn Of Antares Set Up Their Support Weapons

February 14, 2014 by brennon

Beyond the Gates of Antares continues to see information trickle out with the latest being on the support weapons that both the Algoryns and Boromites can bring to bear on the battlefield thanks to Warlord Games.

Algoryn Mag Light Support

Algoryn X-Launcher & Spotter Drone

Algoryn Plasma Cannon

Above are some of the choice weapons on offer for said Algoryns. The first one is the Mag Light Support which fires magnetically charged metal spikes and it can charge itself up for some rapid fire. Next up is the X-Launcher which fires a selection of explosive rounds over long distances, like a mortar, and the spotter drone linked into the operators head makes that much easier to do.

Last but not least is the massive Plasma Cannon. As you might imagine like in other games this is a plasma cannon. It blows through stuff. A lot of stuff. You can start using this to melt your way through heavy armour.

Boromite Frag Borer

The Boromites are not to be outdone however with their Heavy Frag Borer. As we covered when we looked at the Boromites when they were first announced, they have re-purposed this from its use as mining equipment. If it can mine its way through solid rock imagine what it does to people and of course tanks!

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