New Algoryns Pop Up For Warlord Games’ Gates Of Antares

December 31, 2014 by brennon

Warlord Games have shown off some more Algoryn models for Beyond The Gates of Antares including an AI Team, AI Team with X-Launcher, AI Team with Plasma Cannon and Targeter Probes...

Algoryn AI Squad

Algoryn AI Team With X-Launcher

Algoryn AI Team With Plasma Cannon

Algoryn Targeter Probes

I'm quite a fan of the actual weapon teams and the little bits of technology in the form of the Targeter Probes but there's still something a bit weird about the stances of the Algoryn themselves. Of the AI Team at the top the only one from the line-up that I like a lot is the leader who is pointing.

I think maybe these would have been interesting to see as plastic kits, at least for the main units in the game so there was a level of customisation across the line. A lot of people really seem to like these new models and I think the Boromites are pretty great overall but I just think some of the Algoryn look a bit awkward.

What are your thoughts?

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