The Algoryns from Warlord Games Set Up Their X-Launcher

September 11, 2014 by brennon

Warlord Games have got another preview for the world of Beyond the Gates of Antares and this time it's back to my favourites, the Algoryn. Let's take a look at their A.I Team with X-Launcher...

Algoryn Team with X-Launcher

This team comes with a portable magnetic launcher that throws explosives, smoke, and special munitions into the air or at the enemy from afar. Always good to be able to shell your foe from a distance and pin them down.

The cool little targeting probe keeps the shots on target while the eyes of the Algoryn keep a look out for some new targets. On the miniature front I'm really not sure. I like the armour but I don't like the helmets at all as I think they look altogether too mushed together and busy. Maybe it's just because everything is painted in dark colours?

You can still get your hands on the Beyond the Gates of Antares rules by checking out the link above to the unit where rulebook access could be yours.

What do you think?

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