Check Out A NuHu Concord Character For Gates Of Antares!

October 24, 2014 by brennon

Warlord Games have shown off more from Beyond The Gates of Antares and this time its the NuHu Concord getting a look in. They recently put up a neat 3D spin of the character below which is looking very cool indeed...

NuHu Male Concord (Front)

NuHu Male Concord (Rear)

A really nice looking miniature with plenty of cool detail. It's certainly one of the most dynamic looking pieces they've done for the range but that tends to be the case with a lot of the 'caster' looking characters in games. It would be really cool to see how someone paints up the digital pattern on the inside of the cloak. Also, a nice bit of source lighting at the end of the staff would be epic.

What do you think of the sculpt?

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