New Gates Of Antares Boromites Dig Deep With Lasers!

December 9, 2014 by brennon

Beyond The Gates of Antares from Warlord Games has begun it's rather open Beta Test period and you can still grab the rules online. This means armies are beginning to get fleshed out and the Boromites have some more support for the war. Check out their Lavamites, Mag Light Artillery and Work Gang...

Boromite Lavamites

Boromite Team With Mag Light Support

Boromite Work Gang

These guys are starting to grow on me as a faction whereas they weren't before. I think it was because they looked so strange and quirky with a few suspect sculpts here and there, but after seeing the Work Gang with those rather awesome lasers I think I've warmed to them. I like that all of their equipment is essentially salvaged mining equipment too, it's a neat bit of background.

I like that in addition to all the mining equipment they're also using the animals from within the mines too with those Lavamites!

What do you think of the Boromites?

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