New Gates Of Antares Commander & Vehicle Pop Up From Warlord

February 2, 2015 by brennon

More previews popped up for Beyond the Gates of Antares from Warlord over the last week or so and they focused in a new commander, Kamrana Josen, for the Concord and an Algoryn Scout vehicle...

Commander Kamrana Josen

"...the blast of his own plasma grenades had been enough to blow out Josen’s battlesuit’s blackout visor, but this did not deter him from advancing upon the second Vorl position. Despite suffering hits to his legs, Josen staggered towards the target, and once again a hail of plasma grenades struck the enemy position."

This chap is quite the hard nut according to his background and you can read more of it on the link above. While the character sounds very cool I don't really like the look of the miniature as it stands unfortunately. He seems far too static and very 'old school' in his stance. This is how I would have seen old Space Marines and such looking back in the 80's and 90's.

Maybe if they had him holding the gun rather than firing it and added a bit more twist to his body showing him throwing the grenades that way it might give it more animation.

Algoryn Scouter

As well as the hero for the Concord we have another addition to the Algoryn war effort with this Scouter. I like the design of the hull which gives it a neat high Sci-Fi feel and the cannon on the top is very cool too, a proper punchy weapon.

What do you think of Gates of Antares?

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"This chap is quite the hard nut according to his background"

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