The Ghar Stomp To War For Gates Of Antares

December 16, 2014 by brennon

This is a preview that popped up on the Warlord Games website prematurely a week or so ago but now it's all nice and official. See what you think of the Ghar Battlesuit renders that are for a previously unseen faction in Beyond the Gates of Antares...

Ghar Battlesuit

A rather menacing looking walker that has a bit of the bug about it which is usually the case with these villainous races in Sci-Fi games. I like the arm cannon it's sporting with what looks like a multi-barrel death spitter.

More on the Ghar...

"The spiteful, war-like Ghar are small, repulsive creatures with hunched torsos, spindly arms and bow legs – but they are rarely seen out of their huge, armoured battle suits. The Ghar make nothing themselves, but mercilessly exploit their slave labourers to produce whatever they need to pursue their bloody wars."

Certainly an interesting race and it will be cool to see how they progress. You can check out some more 3D work on the Ghar Battlesuits HERE.

What do you think?

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